The right product, at the right time and place, for the right price. That’s what we promise; that’s what we deliver.

Our steel bar division supplies a wide range of products, in bundle and mill run quantities, for both large and small customers. We have a wide range of sizes and grades in stock, but we’re also glad to customize.

Our steel wire processing meets or exceeds all ASTM F2282 standards. Our drawing capacity is .180” to 1.812″. Our continuous annealing furnaces are computer-controlled to produce material to your exacting specifications.


Round Hex Square Coil Flat
Hot Rolled Bar Carbon Alloy Stainless .531 to 36″ .5625 to 3.0625″ .500 to 24″ .180″ to 1.812″ Inquire
Cold Finished Bar Carbon Alloy Stainless .125 to 6.00″ .375 to 3.00″
Cold-Heading Rod & Wire Carbon Alloy .180″ to 1.750″
Hot Finished Mechanical Tubing Following grades are available as Annealed; or Quench & Tempered to L80, P110 or Q125, 1026, 4130, 4140

Heat Treated Products

Below are just some of the heat treated products we supply. Please contact your Sales person for specific heat treat requirements.
1045 Q&T ASTM A 449 A354BC 4330 V Mod Q&T 41V40 Q&TSR Gun Barrel
4130 NQ&T 75,000 Min Yield BHN 207-235 A354BD 4340 Q&T 4150+S Q&TSR Gun Barrel
4140 Q&T ASTM A193-B7 F1554 GR105 A434BC Stress Relieve CrMoV Q&TSR Gun Barrel
4140 Q&T 80,000 Min Yield L80 A434BD Anneal 4150 Q&TSR Gun Barrel
4140 Q&T 110,000 Min Yield P110 4145 NQ&T Drill Collar Normalize 4140 Q&TSR Gun Barrel
410 QDT

In-House Services

Saw Cutting
Size Range: Up to 40″
Tolerances: +.0625″ – 0″ Bundle +/- .500″ Bar +/- .250″


We meet or exceed all ASTM F2282 standards
Diameter Ranges Furnace Coatings Cleaning Method
Wire .180″ to 1.700″ Regular Anneal High Nickel-Zinc Phosphate Sulfuric Acid
Rod .218″ to 2.00″ Spheroidize Anneal Reactive Lube Spray Wash
Stress Relieve Polymer


Carbon Series Alloys Series Boron Series Resulfurized & Rephosphorized / Resulfurized
1005 thru1085 13XX 47XX 61XX 10BXX Machining Grades 11XX and 12XX
High Manganese 40XX 48XX 81XX 15BXX Including Leaded Alternatives
15XX 41XX 50XX 86XX Alloy Grades
43XX 51XX 87XX