Kreher Steel is a leading provider of carbon, boron and alloy steel wire and wire processing, serving industries across the nation. Coupled with the ability to draw, anneal, and pickle product from .180″ through 1.750″ in diameter, plus expansive warehousing and delivery services, we are uniquely prepared to meet your specific wire coil needs. Your dedicated Kreher sales representative will make certain you get exactly what you need, when you need it and for the best value.

Cleaning & Coating

Lime, Phosphate, Polymer, or Lube

Wire Drawing

Largest size range in the Industry, specializing in wire diameters over .750”

  • DD – Direct Drawn
  • DFSAR – Drawn from Spheroidize Annealed
  • SAFS – Spheroidize Annealed at Final Size
  • SAIP – Spheroidize Annealed in Process
  • Thermal Treatment

    Continuous & Batch processes capable of:

  • Stress Relief Annealing
  • Regular Annealing
  • Spheroidize Annealing
  • Typical Material Qualities for Carbon, Boron, and Low Alloy Steels

  • CHQ – Cold Heading Quality
  • RHQ – Recessed Head Quality
  • SBQ – Special Bar Quality
  • IQ – Industrial Quality
  • Typical