It’s easy to forget where something as basic as our food comes from, but for America’s hard-working farmers every bite represents a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Charged with… 

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feeding people around the world, they count on reliable tools and equipment, from their trucks, tractors and attachments to harvesters and combines, irrigation equipment, feeders and milking machines, and much, much more. And all of that equipment depends on the integrity of its individual parts – much of it manufactured with steel bar, tubing and wire products.

As a leading Metals Service Center, Kreher Steel is an integral part of the network of companies that manufacture agricultural equipment for all types of farming operations, around the country and around the world. We are dedicated to keeping those industries in motion with superior-quality products and processing services, custom-designed Vendor Managed Inventory programs and Just-In-Time delivery services. Everything we do is supported by the combined knowledge of our management and sales teams, technical experts, and everyone who works at Kreher. Like America’s farmers, we’re here to get the job done and results on the table.



Most of us think of a car as a single unit. But in reality, every vehicle is made of up of tens of thousands of individual parts, including a vast array of steel components –right down to its carbon alloy steel nuts and bolts. 

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Kreher Steel steel bar and wire products, along with our wire processing capabilities, are integral to dozens of companies in the automotive supply chain. With our facilities and wire processing plant firmly established in the Detroit area, Kreher is superbly positioned to service the automotive industry. Large automotive companies and their suppliers avoid maintaining inventories of manufacturing stock; our custom-designed Vendor Managed Inventory programs and Just-In-Time delivery services provide the resources, flexibility, and cost competitiveness they need to survive. Paired with the impressive experience of our sales staff and the dedication of everyone at Kreher, our steel products and services help keep America on the road



The construction industry relies on heavily specialized equipment engineered for grueling, repetitive tasks. That construction equipment relies on the resilience and strength of steel and Kreher provides thousands of tons of steel bar products to manufacturers across the country.

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If you live in a world of heavy equipment you understand the critical nature of every precisely engineered part. High-quality steel bar and steel wire products translate to integrity and safety for workers and operators, as well as ensuring smooth, cost-effective construction schedules. Armed with decades of cumulative experience, Kreher’s sales and support teams make certain customers that supply the construction industry have exactly the product they need, when and where they need it.



Nuts, bolts, screws, pins, rivets, fittings of all types and much more are the “glue” that holds just about everything together, from cars to hot water heaters to oil rigs. Kreher Steel is a foundational source for the alloyed carbon steel used in manufacturing these products.

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Choosing the correct steel is critical to success in this highly competitive industry. Your dedicated Kreher sales representative is backed by the collective technical knowledge of our entire sales team AND our metallurgists. We can help you determine the exact grade, size and amount of product you need. We establish one-on-one relationships with our customers and understand that your ability to turn a profit hinges on our ability to deliver the right product, at the right time and to the right place – at the right price.



Nuts, bolts, screws, pins, rivets, fittings of all types and much more are the “glue” that holds just about everything together, from cars to hot water heaters to oil rigs. Kreher Steel also offers precision barrel cutting and chamfering services.

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The use of a firearm requires absolute trust in its quality. Manufacturers of firearms understand the importance of that faith and the immense responsibility that comes with their business. Our customers know they can depend upon the experience of our sales staff and the dedication of everyone at Kreher to provide them with a reliable source of the very best steel bar stock available.


Fluid Power

Hydraulic equipment presents significant pressure and precision challenges. The highest quality steel products are necessary, and the fluid power industry requires the highest level of service from its suppliers.

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Kreher Steel supplies both. Our expansive inventory and finishing resources ensure manufacturers a reliable supply of steel bar products, along with the cutting and heat treated services needed.

The heat treated steel grades required by the fluid power industry are exacting, and Kreher Steel is committed to deliver product meeting every stringent specification. Our personalized service, expansive steel bar inventory and range of services, Vendor Managed Inventory and Just-In-Time delivery programs mean every fluid power customer can depend upon the product they need to pursue a path of innovative success.


Industrial Equipment

From bulldozers and cranes to compressors, forklifts, conveyor belts and much more, the world of industrial equipment is a lynchpin of the American economy and requires vast amounts of reliable steel. 

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Kreher is ready to deliver. For every piece of industrial equipment in the world, there are thousands of parts and pieces that rely on an unfaltering supply chain of steel products. As a leading distributor of carbon, alloy and stainless steel bar, tubing and wire, Kreher has built our business on meeting that demand. No matter what equipment you manufacture, our highly experienced sales staff will make certain you get the steel stock you need, when and where you need it – at prices that will keep you competitive.


Machine Tool

Machining metal or other rigid materials requires equipment with that can withstand extreme repetitive use while maintaining highly accurate specifications and tolerances. And that requires the highest quality steel products finished and processed to equally demanding requirements. 

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The machine tool industry relies on Kreher Steel to provide all of the above. The machine tool industry relies on Kreher Steel to provide all of the above. From Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to custom machining shops, customers can rely on Kreher Steel to deliver the exact product they need, when they need it. With decades of experience, we have accumulated vast knowledge of industry standards and steel making. We offer an expansive range of carbon, alloy and stainless steel bars, tubing and wire, finishing services, and in-house and outside processing. Our one-on-one customer service along with our staff metallurgists and fully dedicated team of steel professionals makes Kreher the perfect partner for the machine tool industry.



Mining is an industry of extremes, from the challenges of weather and terrain to heavy duty equipment operation and handling explosives. Every mechanical component of a mining operation has to be trustworthy and that trust has to encompass the industry’s entire supply chain. 

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Kreher Steel is ready for the job. With decades of cumulative experience under our belts and our nationwide network of resources, Kreher Steel is prepared to meet the mining industry’s supply chain challenges head-on. Our expansive inventory of carbon, alloy and stainless steel bar, steel tubing and steel wire is ready to go to work in everything from earth movers and crushing equipment to mining drills, lifts, conveyors and more. If it’s built with steel bars and wire, it’s built with Kreher.


Oil / Gas / Energy

With offices, facilities and warehouses located around the nation, Kreher Steel is able to respond directly and efficiently to the need for steel in the oil, gas and energy industries. These businesses are subject to often extreme market volatility, and response time is always critical; we strategically maintain thousands of tons of inventory at sensitive locations with rapid delivery in mind.

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From California to Texas to Pennsylvania and all points connected, Kreher steel is ready to support the oil, gas and energy businesses that keep America running. Our direct relationships with these customers mean we are well aware of the specific carbon and alloy steel bar grades and services they require on a day-to-day basis, and we actively design and maintain Vendor Managed Inventory programs and Just-In-Time delivery services that keep them productive and cost effective.